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Experimenting with PBL in 21st century classroom

Our training focuses on ways of encouraging students to work more collaboratively and creating an authentic environment in the classroom, thus enhancing language teaching and learning. We believe our ideas to use PBL approach with a modernized twist would facilitate the teachers' efforts to motivate the students to work hand in hand, improve communication inside their groups to achieve their goals.

Benefits of teamwork and cooperative learning skills are unquestionable. Language students often get discouraged by hearing the word “project”, though. This workshop is an attempt to put PBL into twenty-first-century perspective by designing a toolkit filled up with practical activities appealing to students’ interests.

The participants will be presented with experimental PBL variations and the effect they have on both the students' progress and motivation.

A variety of projects including those with minimum resources to more sophisticated ones are going to be described and demonstrated. All of them aim to build 21-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.

We will focus on the developmental stages of the projects, ready-to-use project ideas as well as strategies to create the teachers' own projects.

By the end of the event, the audience will get a survival toolkit of PBL in 21st century.